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The Virtual Law Office Manager Full Administrative Support For The Small Law Firm

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Full Administrative Support For The Small Law Firm

You are a solo, or 1-3 attorney firm.  Your billable time is being wasted on time consuming administrative tasks, which continue to divert you from the practice of law and and attention to clients, and you do not have the time necessary to implement and upgrade the systems on which your practice runs.

We recognize that you do not need or want a full time office manager, so we use our experience to offer hourly efficient services as you need them. Our intake process provides us with your specific office preferences, your current and unique systems, equipment, vendors and any information we would need to work quickly and efficiently on your behalf. We communicate with our clients via phone, email, text or file sharing. All you need to do is advise as to what tasks you require addressed and we will take it from there!

Client Invoicing & Communications

Cloud Transitioning so you can keep track of all calendar, time keeping & invoicing, full client history all in one place in the cloud

Online bill paying

Vendor Interactions

Office Equipment Procurement & Maintenance

Scheduling of appointments and depositions.

Manage online Profiles like AVVO and LinkedIn

CLE Requirement maintenance

Office Supply Ordering